Goethe University Frankfurt
Main Model United Nations
Prof. Dr. Lisbeth Zimmermann
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6,
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main, 28.09.2023

§ 1 Formation of Contract

The following registration contract is formed between the head delegate/faculty advisor representing the delegation or a single delegate wishing to register to MainMUN (hereafter The Registrar) and Main Model United Nations at Goethe-University Frankfurt (hereafter MainMUN) represented by the patron of MainMUN Prof. Dr. Lisbeth Zimmermann, Theodor-W.- Adorno-Platz 6, 60323 Frankfurt am Main. 

The purpose of the contract is the participation in the Main Model United Nations 2024 conference from 22nd February 2024 until 25th February 2024 (hereafter the conference). 

§ 2 Duties of the Registrar

By registering as a delegate through the delegate application form on the mymun platform, the Registrar commits to: 


1. Providing full and correct information about his/her person ensuring that 

(a) The delegate has reached the age of 16 on 22nd February 2024;

(b) In case the delegate is a minor, he or she shall provide an express release of liability signed by a parent or legal guardian (“accident waiver”) upon registration at the conference venue;

(c) Is aware that debating certain issues at the conference may constitute a violation of the law for the protection of the youth (Jugendschutzgesetz); 

(d) The delegate isn’t currently sought after, on the base of criminal charges, in any country; 


2. Adhering to the Rules of Conduct established by MainMUN for the duration of the conference, in particular; 

(a) Accepting the absolute authority of the staff of the conference, including, but not limited to, chairpersons, conference management staff and the Secretaries General; 

(b) Treating other attendees of the conference, guests and staff with respect and dignity as dictated by diplomatic conduct; 

(c) Restraining from personal expressions which are racist, sexist, homophobic, fascist, anti-Semitic or discriminating of any kind; 

(d) Having access to a device with internet connection and registering in all required platforms. The lack of an internet connection during the conference does not entitle the Registrar for a refund of the fees;

(e) Valuing everyone’s privacy and refrain from any violations of the EU General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the German Data Protection Laws such as taking screenshots, recordings or any other personal data infringement; 


3. Paying the participation fee as regulated under §3 upon registration. 

§ 3 Participation Fee

1. After registration, the organizer will send a confirmation of registration and other necessary information. With the confirmation of registration, a contract is concluded between the parties. This letter is usually accompanied by an invoice request. Payment is processed via https://mymun.com. 

2. All fees are used to cover costs and expenses incurred for MainMUN. For every registration the registrar is required to pay the amount of 80.00 €. This includes the conference fee of 74.76 € and an administration fee for mymun of 5.24 €; Faculty Advisors must pay the amount of 65.00€. This includes the conference fee of 60.74 € and of an administration fee for mymun of 4.26 €.

3. The payment is to be made via any of the means offered in the mymun registration platform directly after the application has been submitted via the mymun platform. 

§ 4 Withdrawal

1. Representation: If a participant is unable to attend at short notice, a substitute can be named once. A written agreement with the organizer is obligatory. There are no additional costs for the participants. 

2. Rebooking: Rebooking to another iteration of the MainMUN conference is not possible. 

3. Cancellation: The right to withdraw is valid up until 14 days after payment and the Registrar will be refunded the paid participant fees. Any withdrawal invoked after the respective date cannot be substance to a refund claim and the Registrar is required to pay the full amount of the participation fee. Participant fees for application submitted after the 31st of December 2023 cannot be refunded. 

4. Personal hindrance/force majeure: If a participant cannot take part in the event for personal reasons (e.g. illness) or for reasons of force majeure (e.g. weather conditions), there is no entitlement to a reimbursement of any fee. Further liability or compensation claims are excluded. In case the entry into Germany requires a visa for the participant, he or she has to apply for the visa with his or her corresponding offices on his or her own. MainMUN does not provide help in visa application other than Letters of Invitation. Letters of Invitation will not be granted to applicants applying to the conference after the 31st of December 2023.

5. Accident Waiver: MainMUN will not offer any services to minors without an express release of liability signed by a parent or legal guardian. No refunds will be made to minors who fail to demonstrate a signed accident waiver by a parent or legal guardian upon registration at the conference venue.

6. Technical requirements: By registering, participants independently ensure that any devices used to participate meet any technical requirements for participation in conference. 

§ 5 Services Rendered

Services rendered by MainMUN prior and during the conference comprise of: 


1. Informing applicants, no later than 14 days after their registration, if they are accepted as participants at the conference; 

2. Informing the participants in time about the schedule and changes to it; 

3. Providing the participants with content about the simulated committees and topics as well as the rules of procedure of the respective committees;

4. Ensure access to the digital conference platforms available. 

§ 6 Cancellation of the Conference

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event for organizational reasons, such as – but not limited to – insufficient number of participants or as a result of force majeure. If the event is canceled by the organizer, the full participant fee will be refunded. Further liability or damage claims are excluded. 

§ 7 Reservation of changes

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program. Content-related, methodological and organizational changes before or during the event may occur, to the point, that these do not significantly change the benefit of the announced event for the participant. 

§ 8 Privacy and Data

To ensure the participation of any delegate or delegation, it is necessary to store and process personal data according to the regulations of the GDPR. Personal date stored and processed by MainMUN include name, age, address, course and place of studies, e-mail, dietary restrictions and allocation preferences. Any personal data stored will be erased after 10 years. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the Registrar gives his or her consent to the processing of his or her personal data.

1. The participants have the following rights over their data: 

The right to access: They have the right to request copies of their personal data. MainMUN may charge a fee for this service. 

The right to rectification: They have the right to request to correct any information they believe is inaccurate. They also have the right to request completing the information they believe is incomplete. 

The right to erasure: They have the right to request that MainMUN erases their personal data, under certain conditions. 

The right to restrict processing: They have the right to request that MainMUN restricts the processing of their personal data, under certain conditions. 

The right to object to processing: They have the right to object to MainMUN’s processing of their personal data, under certain conditions. 

The right to data portability: They have the right to request that MainMUN transfers the data that it has collected to another organization, or directly to them, under certain conditions. 

If the registrar makes a request, MainMUN has one month to respond to it. 

2. MainMUN does not share data with third parties. By applying via mymun the registrar is also subject to their Privacy Policy. 

3. By applying via mymun, MainMUN gets access to the data that mymun provides to conferences according to their Privacy Policy. 

4. If the registrar contacts the MainMUN via email or social media, MainMUN has the right to save this data for up to two years.

§ 9 Liability

(1) Participation in the events of MainMUN is at the participant’s own risk. Participants are expected and obliged to obey the laws of Germany as well as the respective house rules of the event venues while participating in the events of MainMUN. Participants are personally responsible for all charges and damages to facilities of the conference and social events venues.

(2) MainMUN reserves the right to exclude specific individuals or groups of individuals from its offered services. MainMUN excludes any legal actions on the side of the individual or group of individuals related to a possible exclusion. No exclusions shall be made on grounds including but not limited to gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion or national origin.

(3)) MainMUN does not provide liability insurance for the protection of individuals or groups who participate in the conference.

(4) MainMUN shall not be liable for theft, loss or damage of participants‘ property during their stay at the venue.

(5) Goethe-University Frankfurt as well as its Secretariats and Staffs shall not be liable for damages of registrants due to their participation at the MainMUN conference or their usage of https://mymun.com and https://ryver.com/ unless such damages are based on intent or gross negligence by MainMUN. MainMUN shall not be liable for indirect damage, e.g. consequential damage, pure financial loss or loss of profit.

 Liability for injury to life, body and health shall remain unaffected by this limitation.

§ 10 Certificate of attendance

A participation certificate will be issued for participation in the conference if the participant participated in at least 80% of the conference.

§ 11 Copyright

Any documents needed for the participation in the conference will be made available to the participants in digital form. The materials will be deleted four weeks after the end of the conference. The written work material for the conference made are protected by copyright and may not – even in extracts – be reproduced or distributed without the consent of the organizer or the author. 

§ 12 Accommodation and Transport

The participants are required to book their own transportation to the conference. Transport to and from the venue will not be provided by MainMUN. 

Accommodation before, during and after the conference is the responsibility of the participant.

§ 13 Final Provisions

Applicable Law is German Law 

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