Frequently Asked Questions

Update 2022/01/10: As a response to the worsening situation in Germany regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we made the decision to hold the conference in an online format. If you have already submitted an application and/or paid your in-person fee and wish to change your application and/or fee to attend the conference online, please get in touch with us via

The registration is open. Please head to to apply.

Update 2022/01/10:

The entire conference will be held digitally. You can attend the conference via our online platform. There is no need to travel to Frankfurt.

No, travel expenses to, from and during the conference are not included in the fee.

Since the conference will be online, there is also no need to travel to Frankfurt.

No, accommodation is not included in the participant’s fee.

Since the conference is online, there is no need for accomodation in Frankfurt.

Since MainMUN is a MUN for everyone, from beginner to expert, we decided to wait to send out assignments until after our first registration period ends. One way to make sure you will receive your assignment right after that period is to pay your participation fee right after you register, since it takes a while until we receive a confirmation about your payment.

We try out best to give everyone at least one of their preferred choices, however, with the amount of delegates we have at our conference, this is not as easy as it seems. The country assignments are distributed on criteria in the following order: choice of committee/country, experience, letter of motivation and diversity. This process will happen to all of your choices until we assign you. Depending on the committees and countries you pick, it may be possible that we will not be able to provide you with any of your choices because they may be very popular or you might not have the necessary experience for that committee, that is what the country/committee preference in our applications is for. If you choose committee, we will at least try to put you in your favorite committee and if you choose country, we will try the same for your favorite countries.

In case you do not like your assignment, we would like you to keep an open mind about it. It is often the countries that do not pop into mind right away, that prove to be the most of fun. If you are really upset about your assignment, you can contact us at and we will do our best to make you happy.

No, we do not have awards at our conference. We discuss this topic every year in our team and so far, every year we have decided against awards. The reason is simple: MUNs are supposed to be a fun way to learn more about politics and diplomacy while meeting new people from all over the world. We, the team of MainMUN, think that awards often turn the conference into a competition, and we oppose that idea.

Yes, every delegate, NGO member and journalist will receive a certificate for participating if they attend the majority of sessions.

Yes, of course you can still participate. If you already know that you will miss some session, please let us know (either in your application or send us an email) so we can plan ahead.

Yes, you can sign up as a delegation for MainMUN. Just state the name of your delegation in the corresponding field of your application. The head delegate or faculty should check the matching box upon registering. 

Signing up as a delegation requires a head delegate or a faculty advisor. These are responsible for the members of their delegation and their registration. Due to the high numbers of delegates we cannot check if your delegation has signed up completely. The same goes for the registration fee.

Yes, this is possible, just state the name of your delegation in the “reason of payment” field on your transfer.

All participants are required to dress in “Western Business Attire” during the day. It is advised to wear comfortable shoes as a journalist. The socializing events have their own dress codes. These can be found in the description of the events.

Yes, you may still be a part of the conference as soon as we receive your payment. Depending on the time of your payment it can happen that you might miss the first/second/third round of allocations, so your preferred country/committees might be gone already when we try to assign you, but you are still able to participate.

Further Questions? Email us!

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