Online Escape Room

Have you ever wondered if you were a good detective? During our conference you may just find out if you were right… We have prepared an online mystery hunt that you can solve alone or with your newfound friends. Your Saturday night will be filled with riddles and a lot of fun. Our MainMUN mystery hunt is different from others, because you just need telegram and the internet, no help from us is required, so you won´t have to wait to find out what exactly happened and how you can save a life…

Sports Programme

We all know the feeling, we have been sitting at the desk all day and we are tired from looking at the screen, our bodies feel exhausted and everything hurts. The MainMUN team has thought of a solution, we will give you the opportunity to take part in an exciting sports programem in between the afternoon sessions on Saturday.

You can choose between Karate with Christopher Mack, Yoga with Nils or Zumba with Daniela Kouevi.

All of these 3 people will dedicate three-quarters of an hour to move your bodies and shake all the dust of sitting at the desk away. You will need nothing more than a little bit of space to enjoy this part of the conference. Stay fit at MainMUN!

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