Non Governmental Organizations at MainMUN 2024

Level: Intermediate

Since the establishment of the United Nations in 1945, NGOs interact with them in many different ways. As the United Nations state themselves:

“NGOs contribute to a number of activities including information dissemination, awareness raising, development education, policy advocacy, joint operational projects, participation in intergovernmental processes and in the contribution of services and technical expertise.” 

In Article 71 of the United Nations Charter, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), lied the cornerstone for the cooperation of the United Nations and NGOs. This is further enhanced in E/RES/1996/31, which defines among others the consultative status of NGOs at ECOSOC. This consultative status is an inimitability within the United Nations and allows non-governmental organisations to interact directly with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies. The status of an NGO at ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies is split up in three forms: 1. the general consultative status, 2. Special consultative status, 3. Roster status. For this simulation, all NGOs simulated at MainMUN 2022 are given the general consultative status in all committees. The consultative status allows NGOs the access of all bodies.



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